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Build, deploy, and scale end-to-end AI applications in the cloud.

Griptape gives developers everything they need to build, deploy, and scale retrieval-driven AI-powered applications, from the development framework to the execution runtime.

🎢 Griptape

  1. Turn any developer into an AI developer.
  2. Build your business logic using predictable, programmable python - don’t gamble on prompting.
  3. Off-Prompt™ gives you better security, performance, and lower costs.

🌩️ Griptape

  1. Deploy and run the ETL, RAG, and structures you developed.
  2. Simple API abstractions.
  3. Skip the infrastructure management.
  4. Scale seamlessly so you can grow with your workload requirements.

🛠️ Solutions & Applications

  1. Have a custom project you need done?
  2. Need a turnkey SaaS offering for your nontech business?
  3. Looking for a finished app, or want to offer your apps to customers?

🎢 Griptape Framework

Griptape provides clean and clear abstractions for building Gen AI Agents, Systems of Agents, Pipelines, Workflows, and RAG implementations without having to spend weeks learning Gen AI nor need to ever learn Prompt Engineering.


Build ETL pipelines to prep your data for secure LLM access.


Compose retrieval patterns that give fast, accurate, detailed information.


Write agents, pipelines, and workflows (i.e. structures) to integrate your business logic.

🌩️ Griptape Cloud

Skip the infrastructure management. We’ll host and operate everything for you, from the data processing pipeline to the retrieval-ready database to the serverless application runtime. Simple to complex, one layer of the stack or the whole enchilada, we’ve got you covered.

Automated Data Prep

Connect any data source and extract. Prep/transform it (extract, clean, chunk, embed, add metadata). Load it into a vector database index.

Retrieval as a Service

Generate answers, summaries, and details from your own data. Use ready-made retrieval patterns, customize them to fit your use case, or compose your own from scratch (Modular RAG).

Structure Runtime

Build your own AI agents, pipelines, and workflows. Real-time interfaces, transactional processes, batch workloads. Plug them into client applications.

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