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Secure Managed Data Retrieval

Empower your team.

Use generative AI to assist your team with difficult and tedious data-intensive tasks.

Griptape helps LLMs understand the specific context of your business by retrieving fresh, detailed information from company wikis, application logs, and document repositories.

With Griptape, your people can stay in the zone, interacting naturally with LLM-powered chatbots.

Give them access to quick answers, crisp summaries, and complex analyses securely from across your vast knowledge stores – all without breaking the flow of their day-to-day collaboration apps.

This is how we roll.

Only Griptape offers end-to-end managed data retrieval for LLMs.

Automated Data Prep

Skip the infrastructure management. We’ll host and operate everything for you, from the data processing pipeline to the retrieval-ready database.

Retrieval as a Service

Get answers, summaries, and details from your own data in a conversational chat interface.

Generative AI Agents

Plug our ready-made agents into your favorite collaboration apps, or build your own for programmatic control.

Griptape has you covered.

From turnkey SaaS to custom solutions, Griptape gives you control and flexibility to fit the needs of your business.

Griptape Cloud Managed Retrieval

Simply connect your data sources and start asking questions. No coding required.
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Griptape Open-Source Framework

Write agents, pipelines, and workflows that work with your preferred LLMs and data stores.

Griptape Cloud Platform

Deploy and scale custom AI solutions powered by retrieval-augmented generation.
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