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We turn your company's data into a knowledge base for LLMs.

Now you can easily generate intelligent responses straight from the source.

and start generating

Get started building AI applications; skip the infrastructure.


Start building on Griptape Cloud for free.
No upfront fees, pay only for what you use.
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Griptape Cloud account
ETL: 1GB of data ingested
RAG: 1000 retrieval queries
RUN: 1 hour of structure runtime
Pricing for additional usage:
- $1 per GB
- $.01 per query
- $0.25 per hour


Custom solutions with enterprise scale and security.
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Includes everything in Developer, plus:
Access to professional services
Assistance with custom data, retrieval, and application development
Dedicated support & SLA
And more:
- Self-hosting option
- Choice of cloud provider
- Multiple vector DBs
- Extra security

Why ETL + RAG?

Generate better information than custom-trained or fine-tuned models.

  • Recent data = up to date content.
  • Detailed data = precise, accurate, relevant information.
  • Secure data = work with private company info, in your business context.

Lower cost & overhead than custom-trained or fine-tuned models

  • Don’t operate your own expensive / custom / private LLM.
  • Don’t deal with constant care and feeding of a fine-tuned base model.
  • Flexibility to switch models, or use different ones optimal for each use case.
  • You’d rather pay developers, not data scientists.

Why Retrieval as a service?

  • The modules will be come commodities. Don’t build these.
  • Retrieval pattern state of the art will become well defined by the experts. Start by picking one off the shelf before you customize.
  • Easy function-like serverless workload that you can execute with an API. No need to invent and operate your own apps/containers/services.
How can Griptape Cloud help you?
Business Leaders
Allow LLMs to access your company’s wealth of data as a real-time knowledge base.
Give your employees and customers fast & accurate answers from the freshest and most detailed data available.
Get up and running within minutes, with no up-front costs.
Engineering Leaders
No need to train or fine-tune custom models.
Optimize retrieval patterns for accuracy, speed, and cost.
Build and deploy your own RAG-enabled applications.
IT Leaders
Increase the ROI of existing data stores by improving accessibility and utility.
Control LLM access on a fine-grained, need-to-know basis.
Enforce ITsec policy through end-user authorization to every data source on every query.