Brand Guidelines

Griptape, Inc.

September 01, 2023

Brand Guidelines

Griptape, Inc.

September 01, 2023


Welcome to the Griptape Brand Guidelines page. Here you'll find all the information you need about how to use the Griptape logo.

The Griptape Logo

The full Griptape logo is composed of graphic mark and a logotype set in Timmana font.

Griptape Kerning

Important Note:

If you plan on using the Timmana font to write Griptape instead of using the downloadable graphic, it's important to be aware that we have adjusted the letter kerning for our logo.

The default kerning for the Timmana font doesn't look very nice with the Griptape logo, thus we have made a few adjustments. We have decreased the kerning for the r, a, and i letters, and increased it for the p.

To see a demonstration of the effect this has, you can hover over the example text below.

Here's the html and css to generate the text yourself.

Use this in the body of your page, wherever you'd like to display the Griptape logo.

<div class="griptape-logo">
        <span class="g">g</span><span class="r">r</span><span class="i">i</span><span class="p">p</span><span class="t">t</span><span class="a">a</span><span class="p">p</span><span class="e">e</span>

This is the css you'll need to add to your stylesheet.

                    @import url("");

.griptape-logo {
    font-family: "Timmana";

.griptape-logo .r, .griptape-logo .a {
    letter-spacing: -.025em;

.griptape-logo .i {
    letter-spacing: -.05em;

.griptape-logo .p {
    letter-spacing: .04em;

Griptape Capitalization

When using Griptape in a sentence, please capitalize the "g". Do not use pascalCase, CamelCase, or snake_case.

  • Do this:
    • I'm a huge fan of the Griptape framework. It's made working with LLMs so easy!
    • Griptape allows you to easily integrate LLMs into your applications.
    • Let's take a look at how to implement Griptape into our application.

  • Do not do this:
    • Have you seen It's a pretty cool framework.
    • Check out the amazing work by the gripTape team.
    • GripTape is pretty sweet.
    • I checked out the latest pypi from grip_tape. Nice!

Logo Mark

Our mark is most commonly a rounded square, with three rows of dots and dashes.

Mark Standard Alts

While a rounded square is the most common representation, there are some variations we often see. Circular and Chat are the most frequent.

Mark Creatives

While we want to make sure our logo is recognizable, we also want it to reflect the individuality and creativity of our customers.

Thus, we've created a number of alternate marks, that are still recognizable as Griptape, but also represent the flair of individual developers. Keep watching this space for more.


There are different versions of the logo to use depending on your background. You're welcome to use either just the mark or the full logo depending on your requirements.

Light Logo

On dark backgrounds and images, please us the lighter logo or mark.

Dark Logo

On lighter backgrounds and images, please us the dark logo or mark.


Grab a zip file of all logos in svg and png formats.

Download Logos