Griptape Updates 2023-06-17

🎉 griptape 0.11 and griptape-tools 0.13 are out with several important additions, breaking changes, and bug fixes, as we are aiming to stabilize the library API and standard tools.

🆕 New Features

  • Added SqlLoader, SqlDriver, and CsvRowArtifact for enabling LLMs to work with any SQL-based databases and data warehouses.
  • Added AnthropicPromptDriver and AnthropicTokenizer
  • Added AzureOpenAiPromptDriver and AzureOpenAiEmbeddingDriver
  • Added load_collection to all loaders, so that developers can load multiple artifacts concurrently.
  • Added upsert_text_artifacts to BaseVectorDriver.
  • Streamlined and tweaked the base prompt to optimize for fewer hallucinations and more correct action inputs.

🚨 Breaking Changes

  • Removed the TextMemoryExtractor tool and replaced it with memory activities for summarizing and searching memory.
  • Updated TextToolMemory to use query engines instead of TextToolMemoryDriver.
  • Renamed the VectorClient tool to KnowledgeBaseClient.
  • Removed ListArtifacts. All tool activities are now updated to return BaseArtifacts or lists of BaseArtifacts.
  • Flattened tool memory configuration. Output memory for each activity can now be set with the output_memory parameter. Input memory can now be set with the input_memory parameter.
  • Renamed MemoryVectorDriver to LocalVectorStore.
  • Renamed PineconeVectorDriver to PineconeVectorStoreDriver.
  • Renamed MemoryBlobToolMemoryDriver to LocalBlobToolMemoryDriver.
  • Renamed DiskConversationMemoryDriver to LocalConversationMemoryDriver.