Griptape Updates 2023-06-01

πŸŽ‰ griptape 0.10 and griptape-tools 0.12 are out!

All Changes

  • 🚨 Agents now take in tools and prompt templates directly.
  • 🚨 Tool executors were removed. Now it’s up to the tool to execute its logic in a custom environment.
  • 🚨 VectorStorageClient was renamed to VectorClient and can now take query engines directly.
  • 🚨 Ramps were renamed to ToolMemory to more accurately represent what they do.
  • 🚨 Memory in structures was renamed to ConversationMemory.
  • πŸ†• Added chunkers for textual data: TextChunker, PdfChunker, and MarkdownChunker.
  • πŸ†• Added loaders for loading textual data from different data sources: TextLoader, WebLoader, and PdfLoader.
  • πŸ†• Added VectorQueryEngine for querying vector storages via shared embedding drivers.
  • πŸ†• Added an in-memory driver for vectors MemoryVectorDriver.
  • πŸ†• Added to_json() to all artifacts and BaseArtifact.from_json().
  • πŸ†• ToolMemory now supports activity input and output configs.
  • πŸ†• Added utils.Chat for simple command line chats.
  • πŸ†• Added install_dependencies_on_init and dependencies_install_directory to tools.
  • 🐞 Multiple bug fixes.