Griptape Changelog 2023-07-18

🎉 griptape 0.14 and griptape-tools 0.16 are out with new tools, bug fixes, and smart defaults!

🆕 New Features

  • Griptape now comes with smart defaults for tool memory! Until today, you had to specify input_memory and output_memory for tool activities. The latest update automatically instantiates and connects memory for all tools, which means that Griptape now keeps all data off prompt by default.
  • Added AwsRedshiftSqlDriver to access AWS Redshift more easily.
  • Added SnowflakeSqlDriver to access Snowflake data warehouses more easily.
  • Added MarqoVectorStoreDriver to support Marqo—a multimodal vector search engine.
  • Added TextGenPromptDriver to load LLMs through the Text Generation Web UI API.
  • Added support for automatically converting values to correct types in all artifacts.

🔧 Tools

  • Added the Computer tool that enables LLMs to execute code and shell commands safely inside a Docker container

🚨 Breaking Changes

  • TextMemoryBrowser was renamed to ToolOutputProcessor.