Griptape Changelog 2023-07-10

🎉 griptape 0.13 and griptape-tools 0.15 are out with new tools, bug fixes, and performance improvements!

🆕 New Features

  • ConversationMemory now supports autoloading data from the driver.
  • Added exponential backoff retries to PromptDrivers.

🔧 Tools

  • EmailClient can now list mailboxes in addition to searching.
  • Added the TextMemoryBrowser tool that enables LLMs to summarize and query tool memory (and put it back into memory!).
  • Added the AwsS3Client tool that enables LLMs to explore buckets and upload new objects to AWS S3.
  • Added the AwsIamClient tool that enables LLMs to interact with AWS IAM APIs.

🚨 Breaking Changes

  • Changed input_memory in tools to list.
  • Removed activities from TextToolMemory. All agents relying on automatic querying and summarization should now include the TextMemoryBrowser tool.
  • Moved the AwsCli to griptape-labs.