AI Consulting Services

Design to Proof of Concept in 4 Weeks.

Deliver on the promise of AI with the expertise of ex-AWS engineers, supercharged with tech-enabled services through the Griptape AI platform.

Quickly ramp up your
AI initiatives

  1. Work with an experienced AI development team, that has built and scaled enterprise cloud systems to millions of users.
  2. Proven technology framework that allows for rapid development and flexibility.

Risk mitigation
& control

  1. Mitigate hiring and project risk with an experienced team and proven development framework.
  2. Enhanced security with Off-Prompt™ capabilities that controls what data the models access.
  3. Can verify accuracy and precision with Griptape technology.

Future proof your
AI projects

  1. Give your project a viable path to production with a scalable platform, consistent LLM outputs, and a Python codebase that your developers can easily maintain and iterate.
  2. Griptape’s API abstraction layer ensures your application “just works” even as models change.
Skateboard being drawn by hand.

The Griptape Process

We work with you, from ideation to production.


Free consultation with our AI experts to explore opportunities.


Review a detailed
proposal and align on cost and scope of work.


See a proof of concept
and begin testing
within 4 weeks.


Implement a production ready application supported by Griptape.
Building sketch

Common Project Themes

Common themes for identifying potential projects.

Automate Processes

Recurring tasks that require some cognitive input can now be replaced with AI.

Support Creativity

Ideation and brainstorming are now multi-modal and can be powered by LLMs.

Talk to Data

Understand and parse large data sets faster and easier than ever before.
Building design draft.

Griptape is Future Proof

AI is evolving rapidly, so we built a framework that doesn’t break with every new release. With scalability built in, you can quickly go from POC to production.


Griptape’s API abstraction layer ensures your application “just works” even as models change.


Write technology agnostic apps with Griptape’s driver abstractions. It supports all major LLMs, data source types, and vector databases.


Optimize token usage and avoid the high cost of managing computing infrastructure.