Businesses are leveraging Large Language Models (LLMs) to enhance operations through conversational agents, copilot AI assistants, and autonomous agents for various tasks. Introducing Griptape, the first enterprise-grade Python framework that empowers developers to harness LLMs' potential with strict security and reliability measures.

Griptape enables creating AI systems that balance predictability and creativity, adapting to different use cases. As a venture-funded, open-source project, we're building a business around managed offerings based on Griptape. Contribute on our GitHub page or join us as a Python developer with LLM experience.

Founding Team

Kyle Roche, CEO

Founder at 2lemetry (acq. by Amazon), former AWS GM for 8 years; started and ran IoT, AR/VR, VFX, Nimble Studio, Location Service, Simulation.

Vasily Vasinov, CTO

3× startup founder (MLOps and web security), lead engineer at 2lemetry, former AWS Engineer and principal product manager.