Professional Services

LLM Evaluation

Based on your requirements, we can help you select the right platform and LLM for your application.

Prototyping Services

Not ready to commit to building on AI? Let us help your ideation process with functional prototype development.

Application Development

We help customers build LLM driven applications. Regardless of your cloud provider or LLM, Griptape can help accelerate your path to production.

Connect Internal APIs

Griptape allows for secure exposure of your internal APIs and data sources to LLMs. We can help wrap your APIs as Griptape Tools for use in your applications.

Vector Database Support

LLMs work more efficiently with vectorized data. Let Griptape help prepare your data for vector search.

Deployment Services

Griptape runs on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. We can help optimize the deployment of your Griptape application in your own account. Or, sign up for our cloud private beta!